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Find Interesting Features In Latest Release LG G6 Review, Price and Specifications

LG G6 Review

LG is back with latest G-series Smartphone LG G6 model. Although LG made some changes in previous LG G5 model, it didn’t work well in the mobile market. LG didn’t make many sales in 2015.

From past device launches, LG is trying to make some unique features and wants to try new things in design. LG making some drastic changes in LG Previous G-series Mobile models, G3 Introduced us Quad-HD display technology, G4 has a leather back body and in latest G5 has some design changes.

But this time LG comes with Latest G-series Mobile G6, which is likely to be hit the Top place in 2017. LG made some changes in 5.7-inch Display having 18:9 aspect ratio and the Display is stretched down to every corner of the LG Mobile which looks complete so attractive for users.

LG G6 Mobile Features:

LG G6 Phone Display:

The unique feature in LG G6 model is that it has 18:9 aspect ratio. It comes with 5.7 inches Complete LCD Full HD Display which is larger than previous G5 model has only 5.2 Inch Display.

The corner of G6 Mobile slightly curved gives the Best experience on User’s hands. It supports 2880 X 1440 display resolution quality. The G6 display delivers Different Vivid colors quality.

LG G6 mobile is the first Android Smartphone which supports both the HDR10 technology and Dolby Vision support. These features give ultimate mobile experience to users with the best brightness and amazing image quality.

G6 Model uses LCD technology for its Display, it doesn’t have an OLED technology, but still, it looks amazing on hands.

LG G6 Phone Design:

LG doesn’t want to experiment this time, so they gone to basic designs and made it simple. This time LG created a phone that has elegant looks. The design looks simple with made with a metal frame around the sides.

There is also Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on the display which protects it from drops. And a Metal is bordered around the Device which gives stunning looks to mobile.

Fingerprint sensor packed inside G6, it can found the Rear body of Handset. The fingerprint sensor is placed just below the Rear camera because user’s finger rests there, so it is easy to unlock the device.

Top of the G6 mobile, it has a Standard 3.5mm Audio Jack for Music lovers. And the bottom of the G6 phone it has USB Type-C port for faster charging and transferring files to PC.

LG G6 Mobile Performance:

From the reports, rather than using latest Snapdragon 835 processor LG is going for Snapdragon 821 processor which is an old one. But due to the delays in 835 releases LG G6 opt for previous 821 processor.

LG G6 powered with Snapdragon 821 processor with 4GB DDR4 RAM which makes a device to run smoothly, responsive with No lags. Adreno 530 GPU equipped with G6 mobile and the same package found in Google pixel XL and Oneplus 3T models.

For a better Graphic experience in Gaming Adreno 530 performs ultimate gaming experience for users. We didn’t find any drops and lags while playing intensive high graphic games. Vulkan support provided in G6 through which users can run more games which will come out in future.

LG G6 Hardware and Software Review:

LG G6 has 32GB of Internal storage memory which can be expandable up to 2TB using microSD card. G6 is the only Phone which supports external storage up to 2TB. It also supports OTG transfer with USB Type-C drives.

Additional connectivity features like Bluetooth 4.2 latest version, GPS, FM Radio and NFC features included.

Wireless charging technology packed with the G6 model (united state regions only), it supports Dual SIM networks and works fine with all 2G, 3G, and 4G networks.

LG G6 comes with latest Android Nougat 7.0 version with LG own Interface UX 6.0 operating system. With UX 6.0 interface users can change their Icon shapes and quickly create customizable menus.

LG G6 Camera and Battery Life:

No significant improvements in LG G6 camera, but there are some changes in minor tweaks. LG dropped 16MP to 13MP with F/1.8 aperture and made some changes in Wide angle lens and pixels resolutions.

With latest LG 18: 9 display screens which make users take Carousel shots rather than taking regular camera shots. LG introduced Dual-camera lens in G6 which works better with Snapdragon 835, but LG made the bold step to implement Dual-camera technology in 821 processor, which also performs better without any Tweaks.

4K Video recording can be done without any performance lags. But wide angle camera shots in low light gives you worse experience with Noisy tweaks.

A standard 5MP front facing the camera for taking selfies, there is no Flashlight in front facing camera. And also the 5MP camera is not enough for perfect selfies.

G6 packs with Non-Removable 3330 mAh battery capacity which is quite sufficient to last for a day. It also includes wireless charging feature, but this feature is only available in United state regions.

Final Thoughts on LG G6:

After the Previous Device failures in G-series, this time LG comes with Better design and Updated features. But some features like wireless charging and Quad Hi-Fi are available in some regions. Although Price not officially stated by LG may be they are planning to release this Spring if the prices somewhat less we can quickly grab one G6 device.

  1. 18:9 Screen Aspect ratio is fantastic
  2. Wireless charging feature
  3. Sleek Curved design
  4. Dust and waterproof design
  5. Smooth performance with 4GB DDR4 RAM
  6. Long lasting battery
  1. Worse experience with Low Light Camera shots
  2. Non- Removable battery
  3. Audio speakers are weak
  4. Expensive Price


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